Agra Shopping

Stone Carving & Inlay:   India has a rich tradition of stonework. Agra has been a center of stone carving since the middle ages, and modern artisans produce b...Read More

Shoes & Leather:   Agra is famour for leather products and shoe making, with well-crafted shoes in all price ranges, made for men and women. The shoes made ...Read More

Food Items:   Agra is famous for sweets (petha), savories (dalmoth, kachori), and street foods like chaat, lassi, kulfi and more. Famous sweet shops of...Read More

Zari and Zardosi:   Metal threadwork and embroidery, known as zari and zardosi, were introduced in India from Persia during the time of the Mughals. It was u...Read More

Carpets:   Agra is famous for handmade and hand-knotted carpets made of silk, cotton, and wool. Intricate patterns are woven into these carpets.&nbs...Read More

Jewelry:   India is famous for gold, silver, enameled, and inlaid jewelry, and tourists can buy real and artificial jewlry in the markets and shops ...Read More